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Ceo’s Messages of Recent Years

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

As Globtec Investment LCC we are happy to announce that we had all in all a successful 10th year. Thanks to diversification, our business activities in the sector renewable energy are remaining stable and by means of new investments in machines and equipment we are growing constantly. Our investors benefit from our excellent knowledge in the respective market segment as well as the technical and economical competence of our team. Thereby, we create secure investments with total transparency and permanent status reports. Our dedicated team of post-acquisition specialists have a focus on operational improvement and expansion, we accelerate our portfolio projects and companies` growth and help them to achieve higher profitability

Looking back, I realize that our company has always been struggling with local and global crisises from the start on. The problems were mainly based on financial issues and have been mastered appropriately. Our track record of growing, adding value to our investments and delivering solid returns for our investors is fundamental. Corporate responsibility is a vital part of our strategy and includes responsible investing. 2014 we implemented the United Nations-supported Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) as a standard to all our investments. The Principles provide a framework for a more stable, sustainable financial system. Including these points alongside traditional financial metrics will help us to achieve superior risk-adjusted long-term financial return. Acting the same way, we also managed to place our investments adequately that even in the financial crisis starting in the summer of 2007 up to the start of 2009 we had no significant losses.

For us the focus has always been the individual as the main part of the company. First we envalue the human followed by the investments and the profit which we secured by mergers and new acquisitions.

2015 Europe was confronted by a new crisis, namely, the refugee crisis. Without any hesitation, we directly decided to make a significant contribution in the countries where we already have business activities. At the end of 2015 we founded a subsidiary in Germany which has been in the modular construction business of social housing. We aimed to avail affordable housing without delay and wanted to help the needy. It started with the refugee housing but now adding to this we are developing a new conception within our existing structure. It is the creation of affordable housing for especially low income individuals and families. Our recently founded company TECTONICS is going to deal with this by using all necessary resources from Globtec Investment LCC. Until 2020 along with our business in the energy sector we have the target to build 1800 apartments for low income families which will be entirely provided by renewable energy.

Everybody who works should be entitled to obtain affordable & inexpensive housing. As Globtec Group, we will do our utmost to make this happen.

After having been entirely in the investment business for 10 years we now dare to take a new crucial step. We believe that this one has the power and intensity to better the world at least a bit and every bit might be vital.

Murat Karabay / Founder and CEO

July 2016, Washington D.C., USA

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