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The operating business is located in the subsidiary operating as a legally independent organizational unit, the Globtec Enerji AS in Istanbul. The company is focused on the energy sector as a capital investment company with the business areas of asset management and power plant operation.

Our business model is based on a fundamental operational understanding of the Turkish energy sector and a more than 15 years of project experience of our team in hydropower and wind power.

Thanks to our conservative strategy we were able to create profit for our investors. We were not confused by reports in the media or any other negativ reports about Turkey. In our view the energy sector is still a stable investment in the country. The Republic of Turkey will stay one of the most important and relialable partners of the USA and will stay one of the most favorite countries for alternative investments.

Turkey is going through hard times as the result of the failed military putsch. But we trust in the willpower and the courage of the Turkish nation and will continue to invest in this country

Furthermore investments in alternative energy will be one oft the keys to acchieve the goal to serve the 1800 units, built by our company for people with low income, with new energy produced by us.