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In Germany the Globtec Group is represented by two companies, which belongs to the group by 100 percent. The Globtec Germany GmbH is located in Frankfurt /Main represented by an office in the Opern Tower. The company is developing alternative investment opportunities for investors in Real Estate Projects in the Rhine-Main-Region. Globtec Germany GmbH has already developed a portfolio of about 50.000 square meters of investments in prime positions, which it holds exclusively. The necessary capital is fully contributed, our pooled fund for this Real Estate Investments are fullfiled and we can not accept new investors. There is no need for additional money form banks.

The reason for choosing Frankfurt as company headquarter is easy: As the headquarters of the European Central Bank and the Deutsche Bundesbank, 300 banks - including 160 foreign banks - Frankfurt is for monetary policy and regulations of international importance. The financial center thus provides not only geographically the heart of the European financial industry - here the monetary stability for all of Europe is set up. Especially for foreign banks being situated close to the central bank is a crucial criterion for settlement. The headquarter of the "European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority" short EIOPA Frankfurt is also founded to be a center of stability for the European insurance industry. Our second company in Germany, the Tectonics Solutions GmbH in Munich, was founded last year. The purpose was to help the State of Hessen to overcome the crisis of refugees coming from Syria and other nations during 2015. We offered a quick and easy solution and constructed homes for about 2000 refugees. Although we had no intention to make profit and the prices were calculated to help the State of Hessen in this extraordinary situation.

We made the experience that neither banks nor any funding agency were willing to support us. There was no money for this project from this side. But we succeeded it anyway. The order in a two digit million volume for the homes for refugees was accomplished by the help of our network of international investors of our mothercompany Globtec Investment LLC.

This shows that there is no support by funding agencies or banks during a crisis.

Tectonics as part of the Globtec Group is intending to satisfy the need of payable living space in Germany. And we have a lot of creative solutions. By alternative construction methods we can provide apartments within the urban communities for those people who are not able to pay the actual prices for rent or buy. Tectonics has the experience, the technical Know-how and the team, to realize these solutions out of one hand and without support by banks.