Globtec Investment LLC was established in 2005, to enhance the investment service industry in Turkey. Its debut met the high expectations of local and international clients, in particular by implementing the ambitious goals of an experienced management team and a sophisticated list of investors from Russia and the Asian-Pacific region. During the initial years of its operations, Globtec focused primarily on investment products in Turkey and on structuring and offering Turkish investment opportunities to the international market.

The company’s strong debut was sustained through adversity. Unlike the overwhelming majority of international businesses, Globtec was not adversely affected by the worldwide financial crisis of 2008; none of the company’s investments recorded losses.

From 2008 through 2013, the company was able to prioritize opportunities that arose following the financial crisis. Globtec shifted its focus to the Mergers & Acquisitions market: total M&A transactions in this period exceeded US$350 million.

The company’s more recent target profile is to create and identify opportunities to invest in well positioned, innovative companies engaged in charting new courses in high performing industries, including Technology, Real Estate, and Green Energy. Through Globtec Investment Group and an extensive network of partners and knowledge experts, the company conducts the most sophisticated diligence and analysis to evaluate the viability of each investment opportunity. This methodology, based on proprietary research processes, provides the foundation for Globtec’s primary function of facilitating the necessary resources to commence and successfully execute targeted investment opportunities.

Globtec continues to serve as a link between investors and investment opportunities across Turkey and the wider MENA region. In this role, the company connects innovative business entities and entrepreneurs seeking capital with relevant institutional and private investors. Globtec understands and can anticipate regional challenges with unmatched precision: the company helps endow success with the wealth of experience it’s earned working with numerous local and regional business entities across a variety of business sectors.

Today, Globtec continue to expand its portfolio and activities in the renewable energy sector, generating a total capacity of 2.25 million gigawatt/hours per year. The company also continues to bundle investments in funds as an LLP; together with the company’s investors, Globtec has achieved a placed fund volume of over US$800 million to date.

Globtec benefits from a strong and experienced management team with a successful record for engaging the international investment community. It has developed client-centric solutions and high profile deals that have expanded and matured regional capital markets.

Globtec Investment Group thrives because it blends experience, insight, discipline, efficiency, and sound governance into a formula that drives investment returns. The company has built a client-centric, team-oriented culture that relies on these elements, and has achieved noteworthy success doing so. Globtec is committed to further refining its processes in the years to come.