Manfred Bauer

Manfred Bauer

Chief Financial Officer

Manfred Bauer is the Chief Financial Officer of Globtec Investment LLC. He joined Globtec in 2015. During his career, he has focused on providing strategic advice to a broad array of bank, finance, asset management, and brokerage clients.

Prior to joining Globtec, Mr. Bauer has enjoyed a long and respected career in banking and finance. In 2014, he became a Supervisory Board Member at Deutsche Bank Bauspar-AG, having moved on from management and board positions as CFO and CEO at a number of German SMEs, beginning in 2002. During this period, Mr. Bauer was also active in international banking and finance in Hong Kong and Zuhai, China.

Mr. Bauer founded a consulting company focused on advising finance industry clients with projects in China, the United Arab Emirates, and the Russian Federation. He began his career in the public sector, eventually earning promotion to the position of Chief Tax Inspector for the federal state of Hesse, Germany in 1983.

Mr. Bauer’s education background includes a degree in Finalizing Financial Business Administration, from Rothenburg University of Applied Sciences.