Principles for Investing Success
Investing is about more than diligence, hard work, and a desire to succeed. It benefits from a practical philosophy of applying knowledge and resources in pursuit of attainable goals. Here are the five pillars that define the Globtec Investment Group investing philosophy:

Invest with a Purpose.
It’s not enough for investments to meet performance goals; they need to fit within a context that recognizes your individual needs. Whatever your goals are, ultimate success depends on receiving investment advice in tune with what matters to you.

At Globtec Investment Group, we understand your financial goals are unique and we make an intensive effort to understand your circumstances and tailor solutions that fit them. Making a personalized plan is how we organize and align your money with your expectations for performance.

Disciplined Approach.
Warren Buffett famously said, “Investing is simple, but isn’t easy.” The hardest part is maintaining the discipline required to withstand value fluctuations and stay the course toward your investment goals.

So how do we make certain you’re positioned as well as possible to achieve your goals? We develop a strategy and simply adhere to it. By not varying according to unpredictable market swings or standard investor psychology, we make certainty and discipline work for your money.

Manage Risk.
Diversification and strategic asset allocation are the keys to unlocking potential rewards, while simultaneously managing inherent risk. When your money is shielded from extreme downside risk, you can enjoy the upside of sustainable gains.

Maintaining diversification is an intensive process, one that requires additional structure and oversight. The Globtec Investment Group team is committed to putting in the work required to make diversification an important component to your success.

Long-Term Perspective.
Even the most disciplined and diverse investment portfolio is not immune to market turmoil. However, just because the market changes every day, your investment strategy and goals don’t need to.

Long-term investing has been proven time and again to be one of the smartest strategies to help achieve financial goals. This doesn’t mean we don’t review and reconsider your investments periodically. We absolutely do, and if your needs change, we’ll cooperate with you intensively to help rebalance your portfolio accordingly.

Sustainable Investing.
Sustainable growth is increasingly tied to sustainable investing. We believe in prioritizing active, responsible, and engaged investments. By pointing out to our clients the inherent risks posed by adverse social policy or environmental impact, we can not only improve their returns over the long-term, but also create a positive societal impact.

At Globtec Investment Group, we’re trying to better the world at least a little bit and we’re excited about working with clients who share our passion for sustainable investing.

Strong Organizational Culture

Hand-in-hand with our investing philosophy is how we conduct ourselves personally, professionally, and ethically. We demand a high standard of principled behavior in how we interact with our clients, our peers, and the world at large, embodied by these characteristics:

  • Teamwork and respect
  • Honesty and integrity
  • Entrepreneurship and agility
  • Passion and determination
  • Discipline and diligence
  • Excellence and performance

By adhering to these principles, Globtec Investment Group has grown into one of the most respected and admired investment management firms in our markets.