Biotech Joint Venture


It has always been in Globtec’s interest to support and promote future-oriented technologies. Nanotechnology is one of the key technologies of the 21st century. However, successful nanomedicine particularly requires innovative nanotechnology-based methods.

Since the financing business is based on mutual trust and we have long-term business contacts with our customers and investors, we ask you to understand that due to our non-disclosure agreements, project-specific details can only be published after signing an NDA.


Joint Venture Corporation in Nanobiotics




Our new Joint Venture company will be a German-Swiss Biotech company focused on the advanced research, development, and manufacturing of innovative applications of nanobiotechnology to address issues in health, energy, agriculture, and the environment.


Major thrust areas include the development of new therapeutics and targeted drug delivery vehicles; Enhancing efficacy of existing drugs; Diagnostics for early disease detection and imaging; Design and development of smart-nanomaterial for medical applications, Tissue Engineering, Bioseparation; Nanosensors for detection of chemicals and pathogens in food and crops, smart packaging, Nanosystem for pesticides, pheromones, nutrients /fertilizers.



Making nanotechnology sustainable. The Investment will support the new JV’s R&D activities required to complete the development of the leading smart-nanomaterial for medical applications and to move forward with other products in the pipeline. Moreover, the investment will also encompass the financing of capital investments required to scale-up the manufacturing process and increase the industrial manufacturing capacity of the NewCo.



Scientific and Biomedical Services




TOTAL COST – Not public



Little is known about the environmental risks of this type of nanomaterial. Therefore, we are currently calculating any risks that could arise from the nano-materials we have developed. The tiny nanoparticles that are being researched as carriers for drugs could find their way into water, soil, and air in the future. This is an essential aspect to be considered.

An interdisciplinary project, which is supported by the EU’s research and innovation funding program as part of “Horizon2020”, develops the risk management of nanobiomaterials for humans and the environment.



SIGNED – APR/12/2022