Our Wealth Strategy
Knowledge is power in the investments marketplace, however it’s not enough to be a student of changing market conditions – success demands taking charge and becoming a leader. Globtec Investment Group defines leadership for investing, with a strategy that isn’t afraid to explore outside the bounds of traditional investor wisdom:

Crisis Is Opportunity
Emerging markets invariably struggle with significant prosperity challenges and endemic internal crises. Those aren’t reasons to shy away from investing; they are inducements to look more closely for the opportunities that traditional investors are unwilling to consider. An essential element of Globtec’s identity, built on more than a decade immersed in emerging markets, is the willingness and competence to successfully manage crisis-based risk.

We Go Where We Invest
A bird’s eye view does not provide the depth of perception nor the close-in focus required to successfully assess risk and make informed investing decisions. This is particularly true of emerging markets, where conditions and processes are less predictable. So, Globtec always maintains a presence in the markets we invest in: resident knowledge and local relationships ensure our team is first to know about events that shape our investments.

Leadership Means the Right Investments Look for Us
We don’t throw resources into a desperate search for the next big thing, nor do we need to sell companies and institutions on the merits of working with us. Being a leader means the best investment opportunities seek us out. Our position allows us to focus on ensuring quality investments are able to perform to the fullest extent of their potential.

We Are Visionaries, not Dreamers
The ability to identify, act, and execute an investment strategy based on transformative and/or regional trends is not an idle dream. It’s the result of consistently applying a forward-looking process that prioritizes innovation, recognizes opportunities, and optimizes the balance between risk and return. We have a vision for our – and your – wealth future, not a dream.

We Make Profits, the Profits Don’t Make Us
Our string of gains remains uninterrupted, but we don’t let only the numbers chart our path or define our successes. A primary goal of our investments is to enjoy a profit, however we are not determined to make a profit at any price. Investments that have negative social, environmental, or governance impacts often trade short term gains for long term risk. We are passionate about aligning our investment strategy with a responsible purpose.

Open Architecture Is an Asset.
A broad palette of expertise is required to thrive in the 21st century marketplace. When identifying investment opportunities for clients, we don’t confine our search to proprietary products or traditional sources. The Globtec team is eager to explore and recommend third-party talent when it best suits your needs.

Staying resolute and committed to these strategies has been critical to Globtec’s success in the investment marketplace. We are grateful for the cooperation and trust our investors have placed in us and we look forward to continuing to support their prosperity for many years to come.