Finance is the core business of Globtec Investment Group. In 2005, the company was founded as a consultancy for alternative financing models. In the initial years, the primary application was to generate differently structured loans for industrial enterprises and hotels in Turkey.


Over the years and through the management of successful projects, this team of finance experts has become a group of banking and finance industry professionals with over 25 years experience and a focus on Bank Guarantee (BG), Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC), MTN (Mid Term Note) , LTN (Long Term Note), PPP (Private Placement Programs), Managed Bank Guarantee Programs, Monetization and Non Recourse Funding processes. Members of our executive team have worked in the financial instruments departments of World Top 25 Banks. We are banking insiders, not brokers. These banking experts are supported by a highly qualified team of mechanical, industrial and electrical engineers who have also accrued years of experience in the field.


Global Energy Invest I and Global Technology Invest I, begun in 2010, were the first two of our own investment funds, with a capitalization of USD 50 million each. They marked a new chapter in the company’s history and expanded our field of activity from a pure investment consulting company to a global acting investment fund. At the same time, we continued to work for our clients in a financial advisory capacity.


Our investors now had the opportunity to benefit from our know-how of the markets and the technical details of the respective projects, and to also have insights into respective investments at any time through our unrivaled monitoring system. Perfect risk management coupled with a conservative investment strategy combine to protect our investors’ capital.


Through our wealth management, we are able to implement optimal tax planning for the future strategies of our investors. In the case of a direct investment, it is also possible for the investor to be placed in the management structure of the respective company, with associated relocation to the country of the investment. Our investors from the MEA region and Turkey in particular often take this form of investment and therefore have direct control over this portion of their portfolio.


One reason for this is that, contrary to the expectations raised by investment companies and fund brokers, less than a quarter of the actively managed funds in Germany outperform their benchmark. After deducting all costs, they often perform even worse than comparable alternatives. We invest directly in companies in which we also sit in management or in a hard control body. The investor knows exactly where the investment will be placed. He can expect real-time risk management from Globtec to screen his investment perfectly. Thanks to our technical know-how, we can engineer seamless process monitoring of the company’s technical processes.


Together with a network of financially independent investment partners, we are able to take over or participate in a target company quickly and efficiently. We are eager to continue investing in and building first class companies and teams and sharing the resulting success with everyone involved.