On behalf of Globtec Investement LLC, I’d like to begin by thanking our investors for their continued support. Individual investors are – and will always remain – the foundation of our marketplace.

Looking back on the past year, a fundamental fact that informs our outlook remains unchanged: our success was based on our persistence in swimming against the current of common investor psychology. Where others were content simply to skim the “business as usual” surface, Globtec was passionate about charting our own course toward a deeper, more nuanced, and, ultimately, more rewarding understanding of the global marketplace.

Where others glimpsed insufficiency or potential ruin in emerging markets suffering political, social, or financial crises, we found opportunity. Why are we different? How did we realize profits where others could not even see them? The answer is, we are supported by our process: our study of and familiarity with these markets creates a successful context that informs us where to invest, and who to invest in.

One frustration from the past year has been resolved: our lawsuit against the German federal government was ended with a settlement in our favor. Now we can move forward and withdraw from the German market completely. The €150 million that had been earmarked for Germany is being shifted instead to Hungary and we have already initiated that project by forming a new subsidiary specifically for that purpose.

Now, on to the most exciting news I have to announce. One of Globtec’s primary commitments has been to support entrepreneurs with the resources, expertise, and market knowledge leadership necessary to make their dreams come true. Banks and institutional lenders have been a persistent weak link in these operations and, looking ahead, there are clear indicators of seismic changes in lending markets. Because these institutions are resisting necessary change, the heyday of traditional commercial banks will slowly come to an end.


Our Wealth Strategy
Knowledge is power in the investments marketplace, however it’s not enough to be a student of changing market conditions – success demands taking charge and becoming a leader. Globtec Investment Group defines leadership for investing, with a strategy that isn’t afraid to explore outside the bounds of traditional investor wisdom:

Crisis Is Opportunity
Emerging markets invariably struggle with significant prosperity challenges and endemic internal crises. Those aren’t reasons to shy away from investing; they are inducements to look more closely for the opportunities that traditional investors are unwilling to consider. An essential element of Globtec’s identity, built on more than a decade immersed in emerging markets, is the willingness and competence to successfully manage crisis-based risk.

We Go Where We Invest
A bird’s eye view does not provide the depth of perception nor the close-in focus required to successfully assess risk and make informed investing decisions. This is particularly true of emerging markets, where conditions and processes are less predictable. So, Globtec always maintains a presence in the markets we invest in: resident knowledge and local relationships ensure our team is first to know about events that shape our investments.


Principles for Investing Success
Investing is about more than diligence, hard work, and a desire to succeed. It benefits from a practical philosophy of applying knowledge and resources in pursuit of attainable goals. Here are the five pillars that define the Globtec Investment Group investing philosophy:

Invest with a Purpose.
It’s not enough for investments to meet performance goals; they need to fit within a context that recognizes your individual needs. Whatever your goals are, ultimate success depends on receiving investment advice in tune with what matters to you.

At Globtec Investment Group, we understand your financial goals are unique and we make an intensive effort to understand your circumstances and tailor solutions that fit them. Making a personalized plan is how we organize and align your money with your expectations for performance.

Disciplined Approach.
Warren Buffett famously said, “Investing is simple, but isn’t easy.” The hardest part is maintaining the discipline required to withstand value fluctuations and stay the course toward your investment goals.

So how do we make certain you’re positioned as well as possible to achieve your goals? We develop a strategy and simply adhere to it. By not varying according to unpredictable market swings or standard investor psychology, we make certainty and discipline work for your money.


Globtec Investment LLC was established in 2005, to enhance the investment service industry in Turkey. Its debut met the high expectations of local and international clients, in particular by implementing the ambitious goals of an experienced management team and a sophisticated list of investors from Russia and the Asia-Pacific region. During the initial years of its operations, Globtec focused primarily on investment products in Turkey and on structuring and offering Turkish investment opportunities to the international market.

The company’s strong debut was sustained through adversity. Unlike the overwhelming majority of international businesses, Globtec was not adversely affected by the worldwide financial crisis of 2008; none of the company’s investments recorded losses.

From 2008 through 2013, the company was able to prioritize opportunities that arose following the financial crisis. Globtec shifted its focus to the Mergers & Acquisitions market: total M&A transactions in this period exceeded US$350 million.

The company’s more recent target profile is to create and identify opportunities to invest in well positioned, innovative companies engaged in charting new courses in high performing industries, including Technology, Real Estate, and Green Energy. Through Globtec Investment Group and an extensive network of partners and knowledge experts, the company conducts the most sophisticated diligence and analysis to evaluate the viability of each investment opportunity. This methodology, based on proprietary research processes, provides the foundation for Globtec’s primary function of facilitating the necessary resources to commence and successfully execute targeted investment opportunities.



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