Prof. Murat Kasimoğlu

Prof. Murat Kasimoğlu

Director Advisory Board

Professor Murat Kasimoğlu is the Chief Operating Officer of the Globtec Group, leading operations in Turkey, the United States, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Germany, the United Kingdom, Azerbaijan, the Czech Republic, and Finland. Closely following the operations of growing and rapidly developing companies, Mr. Kasimoğlu has taken charge of the execution of management operations of numerous projects in the fields of education, energy, health, technology, engineering, and infrastructure. He has a proven record for successfully conducting and executing structural-managerial processes at Globtec.

Professor Kasimoğlu is experienced at developing working architectures in close cooperation with universities, chambers, financial institutions and NGOs. He transforms those architectures into practice, directing effective, efficient, and sustainable processes.

Professor Kasimoğlu also provides instruction in Strategic Management as a lecturer at Istanbul Commerce University.

Prior to joining Globtec, Prof. Kasimoğlu took an essential part in over 100 investments, company acquisitions, and merger projects, working with investment networks in New York, Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai, Frankfurt, London, and Kuala Lumpur.