AI Development

Globtec Expands into AI and Blockchain with New Partnerships

Globtec is pleased to announce that we are in negotiations with two promising IT companies with expertise in artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain technology. These partnerships represent a significant step forward in our expansion into the fields of transport, logistics, and biotechnology.

Advancing Transportation and Logistics
Our first partnership is with a Turkish IT company that has developed innovative AI-powered solutions for the transportation and logistics industry. Their technology can optimize route planning, improve fleet management, and enhance supply chain visibility. This partnership will enable us to offer our clients cutting-edge solutions that can streamline their operations and reduce costs.

Transforming Biotechnology
Our second partnership is with a German IT company that is at the forefront of blockchain technology applications in the biotechnology sector. Their platform can securely manage sensitive patient data, track the movement of biological samples, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. This partnership will allow us to provide our clients with secure and transparent solutions that can revolutionize the way they conduct clinical trials and manage patient data.

Commitment to Innovation
These partnerships demonstrate our commitment to staying at the forefront of technological innovation. We are confident that these collaborations will have a significant impact on the transport, logistics, and biotechnology industries.

Expanding Our Global Reach
Our negotiations with these two IT companies also underscore our commitment to expanding our global reach. We are excited to establish a strong presence in Turkey and Germany, two important markets for AI and blockchain technology.
We look forward to finalizing these partnerships and bringing the benefits of AI and blockchain technology to our clients around the world. We believe that these partnerships will position Globtec as a leader in the digital transformation of the transport, logistics, and biotechnology industries.