Restructuring And Realignment

In the Corona crisis, we are currently engaged in the restructuring and realignment of several companies under changed conditions. With a holistic view, the economic performance of these companies will be preserved or restored.

As part of our work – in addition to company law and insolvency law – issues relating to banking, labor, commercial, and tax law are also taken into account. It is also important to bring a large number of affected interest groups – the so-called stakeholders – into harmony. Customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders, lenders, and tax authorities are usually affected.


We make sure that in economically stable times structures are proactively established and aligned in such a way that liability risks, which can become acute in times of crisis, are minimized ahead of time- About the emergency measures for the restructuring of a company from or before the crisis, the focus is on securing and providing liquidity for the continuation of the company. This is preceded by an examination and reliable presentation of the current cash management.

With the help of realistic forecast planning, taking into account a persistent crisis mode – the so-called worst-case scenario – we can work out specific options for reacting. The subject of restructuring a company has a wide variety of characteristics and is one of the core competencies of the Globtec Group. Of course, each case must be taken into account and regular legal and business management support for the measures is recommended. In terms of time, the start-up phase up to the deletion of the company after completion of the settlement can be considered for restructuring.

* Shopping Mall

 * Retail chain


The project’s compliance with all applicable national and EU environmental legislation will be verified during the appraisal. Environmental impact studies or Appropriate assessments will be carried out as applicable and mitigating and/or compensation measures applied as necessary.

Project Status


Signed – MAI/2020